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olga (komboki ätt yahoo punkt com 01.03.2005 16:12:37)
Hello Esthonians ! I heard last year the best comments about your country .So i just fix my entry form and i participate in a fim rally after 9 years.(1995') I'm sure that you are planning an exraordinary rally.My best wishes from Greece.

Ralf Nicolaus (motogr ätt aol punkt com 23.02.2005 10:01:41)
Hello Estonia, Ferries and everything else is well organized, reservations are made... Now we are quite relaxed and realy looking forward to see you in july Yours Ralf Opladener-Motorrad-Club Germany

Indian (indian ätt indian punkt no 09.01.2005 20:19:53)
I would like to be there this year.

Per-Martin 10 years (malin ätt spikmalin punkt pp punkt se 09.01.2005 17:33:07)
Hello looking forward to see you at fim. greetings from sweden

Svante o Catarina (svante punkt kempe ätt telia punkt com 17.12.2004 11:52:10)
Hi everyone, Hope to see you at the rallye in Estonia. We are looking forward to it. Greetings from Sweden!

Ian savage (lov572 ätt tesco punkt net 02.12.2004 14:22:21)
Greeting from the UK, looking forward to visiting Estonia. We are hoping to raise a team from the Vincent HRD Owners Club. Regards Ian

Ioannis&Angeliki -Stamatopoulos (lafiria52 ätt yahoo punkt gr 10.11.2004 10:44:54)
Hallo Estonian and your Bikers. My wife and I Planned to com to your Fim rally .Ihave never been to the Baltic countries and hop to visiting. Keep up the good work.Thanks for the information in Holland.

Nina & Hansi (nina punkt hansi ätt zeta punkt telenordia punkt se 08.11.2004 21:03:39)
We will make a trip on our bikes to Estonia for the 1:th time to the FIM-Rally in Tartu. We look forward to see all our FIM-friends there. We wish Jögeva MC Good Luck with the Rally 2005. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Bike-Year from two frozen Swedish Zeke´s bikers.

Jim & Betty Wade (jwade ätt northamptonshire punkt gov punkt uk 08.11.2004 16:37:04)
The FIM Motocamp in Poltsamaa in 2001 was great and its because of that great time that we are comming to Tartu for the Rally. Looking forward to meeting you guys again. Best wishes.

Gerard Kral (Gerard punkt kral ätt hccnet punkt nl 07.11.2004 15:05:36)
My wife and I planned already to come to your FIM rally. Greetings from Arnhem/Neatherlands

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