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Estonians in FIM Rallies

1st. FIM Rally 1936 D Overall winner
18th. FIM Rally 1963 YU SU - team
19th. FIM Rally 1964 CH SU - team
20th. FIM Rally 1965 D SU - team
21th. FIM Rally 1966 F SU - team
23th. FIM Rally 1968 I SU - team
43th. FIM Rally 1988 FIN unofficially
49th. FIM Rally 1994 CZ  
50th. FIM Rally 1995 N  
52th. FIM Rally 1997 PL  
53th. FIM Rally 1998 S  
54th. FIM Rally 1999 F  
55th. FIM Rally 2000 CH  
57th. FIM Rally 2002 DK  

Estonians in FIM Motocamps

19th. FIM Motocamp 2000 E JMC - club II place
20th. FIM Motocamp 2001 EST Organizing country
22th. FIM Motocamp 2003 F Longest trip, JMC

Estonian way to 60th FIM-Rally.

In 2002 FIM Touring committee gave in Prague Congress the right to organize the 60th FIM-Rally to Estonian touring motorcycle club Jõgeva MC (president Igor Ellisson). Here is a little view of Estonian motorcycling history.
Motorcycling began in 1895, when the first German Hildebrandt-Wolfmüller motorcycle was brought to Estonia. Few years later were brought French Cyklonett, Belgian FN and Sardea. In 1902 have been seen German Wanderer. The first information of motorcycle counting is from 1926 (independence times). It was counted 318 motorcycles in Estonia. In 1930's motorcycling started develop, first mororcycling clubs were established. Also many races were started. In 1933 Estonia joined FICM (nowadays FIM) organization. In 1936 Estonia got an invitation to Berlin Star Race (the 1st FIM-Rally). Group of 14 members arrived in time to Closed Park in Berlin, even on the contrary of changes of regulations (unexpected control spots). Luxemburg team already started to celebrate, but Estonian team gathered more points than other 10 teams and won the Berlin Star Race (the 1st FIM-Rally). It was honour to meet and communicate with Estonian team members: the leader of team Harry Pärkma (1907-2000) and the only woman-rider Agnessa Männi-Kook (1910-2001). In 1940's Estonia was occupied by Soviet Union. The "Red-terror" executed many famous Estonian motorcycle-riders. After World War II motorcycling was re-established in Soviet Estonia. Touring motorcycling began in 1955. At that time in Soviet Union had official touring motorcycling as sport. It was possible to become through certain steps Soviet Unions Master of touring-sport. Three Estonians have become such masters: Rein Alas, Kalev Kaseoja and Enn Saik. In 1963-1968 Estonians participated in FIM-Rally as part of Soviet Unions team. Only two touring-motorcycle riders got an opportunity take part of FIM-Rally in Italy. One Estonian rider "leaped" and that ended all participations for 20 years. In 1970's touring-motorcycle riders rode on the territory of Soviet Union. An extreme ride was made: from Tallinn (Estonia) to Vladivostok (near Japanese Sea). The trip was 13000 km long and was made in 58 days. In 1981 Enn Saik won Soviet Unions Master-title for Altai tour. In 1982 were established first connection to Finnish touring-motorcycle riders. New information about touring-motorcycling in West. Question about participation in FIM-Rally raised again. In 1988 two Estonians: Aadu Luuk and Urmas Kauniste participated unofficially FIM-Rally in Kuopio. Second time Estonian national flag: blue-black-white tricolour was used. In beginning of 1990's first tours to Finland, Sweden and Norway were made. Re-established independence, Estonia joined again FIM as member. In 1992 first independent EMMK club was established. The same year Estonians started Jõgevatreff-meeting (now the biggest motorcycle meeting in Baltic countries). Since 1994 Estonians have participated almost in all FIM-Rallys, except FIM-Rally in Tunisia and in Ireland. Since 1990's Jõgevatreff teams main interest has been to organize FIM-Rally in Estonia. FIM observers got acquainted with Jõgevatreff's organizing side and gave permission to organize 20th FIM-Motocamp in Estonia, Põltsamaa. FIM-Motocamp got the best review. New request was made in 2001 for FIM-Rally organizing right in Estonia. In 2002 FIM decided to give the right to Estonia. In 2005 the 60th FIM-Rally will be hold in Southern Estonia.Welcome to FIM-Rally 2005!

FIM-Rally organizing team:
Igor Ellisson (Kawasaki GPZ 900, Ural sidecar)
Olev Kroon (BMW 1100 RS)
Urmas Kauniste (Yamaha XJ 900)
Egge Edussaar (Suzuki GS 500 E)

In opinion of Estonian Motorcyclesporthistorian and publicist Aare Arula triumphs of Estonian Motorsport are: 1936. Estonian victory of Berlin Star Race ( I st FIM Rally). 1964. Roadracer Endel Kiisa III place in Finland GP.
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