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Anita la Fontaine (af ätt kabelbaner punkt dk 22.07.2005 23:46:20)
Hello All Had to say home this year to work in my new job...martin jones is there with his dad from england...miss you all Anita from Denmark....

Nikos Biskanakis (nbis ätt exodus punkt gr 21.07.2005 14:31:39)
Hello Estonia! Our Greek friend and colleage Thman will be coming to represent our country. He will also be looking for other gay single men for a good time! Good luck to all from Greece.

M�rdis (46 ätt bredband punkt net 15.07.2005 23:11:09)
Hello to all of you! The invation of swedish bikers is starting this weekend, BEWARE! We're looking forward to a great rally and to celebrate the 60th FIM rally in big style! See you soon.

Zeke�s MCK (nina punkt hansi ätt spray punkt se 14.07.2005 10:56:29)
It is near now. Soon we come, to meet all our old and new friends. We hope and believe that it will be a good and nice FIM-Rally.

tarmo (ufuulno1 ätt juno punkt com 06.07.2005 20:41:17)
hello! I am flying from california to germany july10 to buy used bmw mc to ride to the fim rally. would like to join with others for the ride and meet somwhere in germany

bobi (bobi_ristov ätt yahoo punkt co punkt uk 28.06.2005 21:46:07)
Hello Estonia.Greetings from the Macedonian rally team.

sabbas (sabas ätt aias punkt gr 09.06.2005 23:56:52)
Allthough coming from the warm, southern countries, i'm sure that the rain won't spoil us the fun. It might though wash out the boredom... Anyway, life is an illusion, so we might as well make it a good one. Looking forward to seeing you all. Greetings from Greece

Elaine McAuliffe (elaine punkt mcauliffe ätt kerry punkt ie 07.06.2005 16:21:37)
Hi Estonia, Greetings from the Leprechauns here in Ireland. Looking forward to be joining you for your rally. See you 20th Ireland.

Birgitta Gilberth (birgitta punkt gilberth ätt kommunen punkt varberg punkt se 17.04.2005 12:16:46)
Hello We will be happy to meet our bikefriends again in Estonia.Our bikes are just been taking out from the garage.

McYver (mcyver ätt planet punkt nl 08.03.2005 14:59:36)
Hello all, This is the first time we come to visit the FIM rally and we plan to enjoy the trip and the meeting. But I wonder, is there also a prize for all first participants? Fresh blood every year is required and we come with 6 rookies! Willem

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